Welcome to our distance-learning course,

"Evolution auf der Spur"!

Have you ever asked yourself why there are men and women, but no female or male slugs? Do you want to know why people help each other, if Adam and Eve actually existed, or why it's so important to take all the antibiotics you are prescribed? Have you ever wondered at the amazing variety and complexity of life around you, and asked yourself, how did this happen?

Join us on a journey through the natural world, carry out exciting projects, and win a research trip to IST Austria!

The course is completely free; the only requirement is that you are a student in Austria. The course was designed for high school students (9-12 grade), but everyone is welcome to participate.

You can register at any time: click here!


What is Evolution auf der Spur?


Would you like flyers to hand out to your students, or to share with others you think would be interested? Download the flyer here! (In German only.)