Functional Nanomaterials

The group research interest lies on the development of surface modified colloidal nanocrystals and the understanding of their chemistry and physics with the aim to use them as functional building blocks. In particular, our work is focused on the synthesis of high-quality inorganic nanocrystals, the engineering of their surface, and their assembly and consolidation into functional nanocrystal-based solids to target applications such thermoelectrics or catalysis, as well as to develop fundamental understanding of structure-property relationships. The interdisciplinary nature of our research aims for a collaborative team of physicists, chemists and material scientists.

Maria Ibáñez
Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria)
Am Campus 1
A – 3400 Klosterneuburg

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Alexandra Mally

Phone: +43 (0)2243 9000-1105

Selected Publications

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  • S. Ortega, M. Ibáñez, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, M. V. Kovalenko, D. Cadavid; A. Cabot; Bottom-up engineering of thermoelectric nanomaterials and devices from solution-processed nanoparticle building blocks; Chem. Rev. Soc. , 2017, 46, 3510-3528
  • F. Bertolotti, D. N. Dirin, M. Ibáñez, F. Krumeich, A. Cervellino, R. Frison, O. Voznyy, E. H. Sargent, M. V. Kovalenko, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi; Crystal Symmetry Breaking and Role of Vacancies in Colloidal Lead Chalcogenide Quantum Dots; Nat. Mater. 2016, 15, 987–994
  • M. Ibáñez, Z. Luo, A. Genç, L. Piveteau, S. Ortega, D. Cadavid, O. Dobrozhan, Y. Liu, M. Nachtegaal, M. Zebarjadi, J. Arbiol, M. V. Kovalenko, A. Cabot; High-Performance Thermoelectric Nanocomposites from Nanocrystal Building Blocks; Nat. Commun. 2016, 7:10766
  • J. De Roo, M. Ibáñez, P. Geiregat, G. Nedelcu, W. Walravens, J. Maes, J.C. Martins, I. Van Driessche, M.V. Kovalenko, Z. Hens. Highly Dynamic Ligand Binding and Light Absorption Coefficient of Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals; ACS Nano 2016, 10 (2), 2071–2081
  • M. Ibáñez, R. Korkosz, Z. Luo, P. Riba, D. Cadavid, S. Ortega, A. Cabot and M. G. Kanatzidis; Electron doping in bottom-up engineered thermoelectric nanomaterials through HCl-mediated ligand displacement, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137 (12), 4046–4049
  • M. Ibáñez, R. Zamani, A. LaLonde, D. Cadavid, W. Li, A. Shavel, J. Arbiol, J. R. Morante, S. Gorsse, G. J. Snyder, A. Cabot; Cu2ZnGeSe4 Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134 (9), 4060–4063


As of 2018 Assistant Profesor, IST Austria
2014-2018 Research Fellow, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2013-2014 Research Fellow, Catalonia Institute of Energy Research (IREC), Spain
2013 Visiting Researcher, Northwestern University, USA
2012 Visiting Ph.D. student, Cornell University, USA
2011 Visiting Ph.D. student, Caltech Materials Science, USA
2010 Visiting Ph.D. student, University of Chicago, USA
2009-2013 Graduate researcher assistant, University of Barcelona, Spain
2009 Visiting Ph.D. student, Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics (INAC), CEA, France
2008-2009 Graduate researcher assistant, University of Barcelona, Spain

Selected Distinctions

2017 Ružička Prize
2017 ETH Career Seed Grant
2014 Beatriu de Pinós Postdoctoral Grant
2013 PhD Extraordinary Award
2009 Training program for Academic Staff (FPU)

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