We offer a workshop on Social Immunity, which will introduce the concept of collective disease defense in social insects, show methods for the study of disease and insect immunity and give hands-on insight into experimental work of ant-pathogen interactions.

The workshop is aimed mostly for PhD and postdoctoral level and will involve discussion rounds and a visit to the Social immunity laboratory at IST Austria


March 22

09:00 Introduction - Sylvia Cremer

10:00 Break

10:30 Demo & Hands on experimental work (5 Stations) 

13:00 Lunch & Departure


Stations (3x25min, 5-6 people per station):

1)      Microinjections in ants

2)      Antimicrobial growth inhibition assay

3)      Collection of ant fluids

4)      Pathogen handling

5)      Exposure of ants with video analysis