Host: Tim Browning


Location: Office Building West, Meeting Room 1st floor
Tuesday, 1pm-2pm (* =unusual time/place, check invitation file)


Academic year 2018/19

Date Speaker Topic
October 2, 2018 Henna Koivusalo (UWien) Cut and project sets and Diophantine approximation
October 9, 2018 Nick Rome (Bristol) Local solubility for families of conic bundles
October 30, 2018 Adelina Mânzateanu (IST) Le Rudulier over function fields
November 6, 2018 Kevin Destagnol (IST) Malle vs Manin
November 13, 2018 Arne Smeets (Nijmegen) Orbifold Mordell
November 20, 2018 Tim Browning (IST) The Getz adelic delta function I
November 27, 2018 Tim Browning (IST) The Getz adelic delta function II
December 4, 2018 Hongjie Li (IST) Grothendieck ring of varieties
December 12, 2018* Alec Shute (IST) Random cubic surfaces
December 18, 2018 Kevin Destagnol (IST) Malle vs Manin redux
January 8, 2019 Alina Ostafa (UNSW Sydney) Multiplicative dependence in value sets and orbits of rational functions
January 22, 2018 Nick Rome (Bristol) Fields of definition of sets of rational curves of a given degree
January 29, 2019 Kevin Destagnol (IST) Points of bounded height and degree via height zeta functions
Febuary 5, 2019 Adelina Mânzateanu (IST) Hilbert property for varieties
Febuary 12, 2019 Tim Browning (IST) Mixed Waring's problem and counting Campana points on orbifolds
Febuary 26, 2019 Adelina Mânzateanu (IST) 0-cycles and analytic number theory
March 5, 2019 *3-4pm Bryce Kerr (UNSW Sydney) Points on polynomial curves in small boxes modulo an integer.
March 19, 2019 Alec Shute (IST) 33 cracked: a description of Booker's algorithm
March 26, 2019 Kevin Destagnol (IST) Châtelet surfaces, real quadratic fields and a distant hope
April 9, 2019 Ranita Biswas (IST) Topological properties of digital conics through Diophantine relaxation
April 30, 2019
May 7, 2019 *3-4pm Adelina Mânzateanu (IST)
May 14, 2019 Julian Lyczak (IST)
May 21, 2019
May 28, 2019