Paper Submission

Authors are requested to submit full papers. Accepted papers, based on double blind reviews, have to be presented orally or as poster (registration required). Submission and presentation of a similar paper at another international conference is no reason for rejection, but original contributions are preferred.

Papers have to be written in English, are limited to 8 pages (references included) and must be prepared in PDF according to OAGM 2014 guidelines (update: 06/03).

Submission site:


Guidelines for Camera-ready Papers (on arXiv)

Final papers are to be submitted to by the authors.

ÖAGM 2014 follows the index-before-papers procedure to create a ÖAGM 2014 proceedings home page on arXiv. To this end, the organizers submit an index page to arXiv, and receive an <code><em>indexID</em></code>, which they will communicate to the authors prior to submission of their papers. 

  • Prepare your final version following the previous ÖAGM instructions
  • Please follow the arXiv instructions, and note how to create references to and in arXiv documents, if applicable.
  • The recommended format is PDFLaTeX. Insert the indexID you will have received from the ÖAGM organizers into the \OAGMarXiv{indexID}  command in the LaTeX preamble, and include OAGM.cls with your submitted files.
  • On the arXiv submission form, please include the following line in the Comments field:
    Part of the OAGM 2014 proceedings (arXiv:indexID)
    using the indexID you will have received from the OAGM organizers.
  • On the arXiv submission form, please include the following line in the Report-no field:
    where nn is the two-digit paper ID assigned to your submission by the CMT system (Prepend a leading zero if your paper ID is lower than 10).
  • When you receive the permanent arXiv ID of your submission, please communicate it by e-mail to emilie[dot]morvant[AT]ist[dot]ac[dot]at.

Guidelines for Presentations

For the oral presentations a time schedule of 20 minutes will be reserved per talk (ca. 15 minutes for talk + 5 for questions).

Posters should be in A0 portrait.