Academic year 2015/16

Date/Time Location Speaker Topic
Aug.3, 2015 11am Mondi 2 Lauriane Chomaz (University of Innsbruck) Realizing extended Bose-Hubbard models with ultracold dipolar gases of magnetic atoms
Aug.11, 2015 11am Mondi 2 Erik van Loon (Radboud University, Nijmegen) Ultralong-range order in the Dipolar Fermi-Hubbard model
Aug.21, 2015 3pm Seminar room LBE Bikashkali Midya (IST Austria) Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with real spectra and their applications
Sept.28, 2015 10:30am Seminar room LBE Rabl/Rotter/Lemeshko joint meeting Jan Kaczmarczyk (Lemeshko group) “Dissipative preparation of aniferromagnetic order in the Fermi-Hubbard model"
Sept.28, 2015 11am Seminar room LBE Rabl/Rotter/Lemeshko joint meeting Dmitry Krimer (Rotter Group) "Collective quantum dynamics with nitrogen-vacancy centers in the strong coupling limit of cavity QED"
Sept.28, 2015 1pm Seminar room LBE Rabl/Rotter/Lemeshko joint meeting Clemens Jochum (Lemeshko Group) “Dissipative Borromean states in ultracold atomic gases"
Sept.28, 2015 1:30pm Seminar room LBE Rabl/Rotter/Lemeshko joint meeting Giuseppe Calajo (Rabl group) "Atom-photon dressed states in narrow bandwidth waveguides"
Sept.28, 2015 2:30pm Seminar room LBE Rabl/Rotter/Lemeshko joint meeting Laleh Safari (Lemeshko Group) “Rotation of molecules inside superfluid helium nanodroplets"
Oct.6, 2015 11am Mondi 3 Kenneth Brown (Georgia Institute of Technology) Sympathetic and direct laser-cooling of molecular ions
Oct.23, 2015 2pm Big Seminar room BW Tommaso Calarco (University of Ulm) Controlled quantum many-body dynamics: nonlinearity, reversibility, complexity
Nov.2, 2015 11am Mondi 3 Mikhail Katsnelson (Radbound University) The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Quantum Theory: Logical Inference Approach
Nov.26, 2015 4pm Mondi 2 Sarah Skoff (Atominstitut, Vienna and Centre for Cold Matter, London) Cold molecules and single molecule spectroscopy
Dec.7, 2015 11am Big seminar room, BW Michal Tomza (ICFO Barcelona) Controlling ultacold molecular processes with dynamic Stark effect
January 11, 2016 4pm Mondi 3 Misha Lemeshko (IST Austria) Rotation of quantum impurities in the presence of a many-body environment
January 14, 2016 2pm Big seminar room, BW Peter Zoller (University of Innsbruck) Quantum Simulation with Cold Atoms and Ions
January 15, 2016 11am Mondi 3 Peter Zoller (University of Innsbruck) Chiral Quantum Networks with Photons and Atoms
January 26, 2016 4pm Big seminar room, BW Johan H. Mentink (Radboud University) Ultrafast modification of the exchange interaction with laser pulses
January 28, 2016 11am Big seminar room, BW Chan U Lei (California Institute of Technology) Quantum squeezing of a mesoscopic mechanical resonat
March 21, 2016 12:45pm Raiffeisen Lecture Hall, Central building Ana Maria Rey (University of Colorado, Boulder) Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers
April 6, 2016 11am Mondi 2 Giacomo Bighin (University of Padua) Gaussian fluctuations in the two-dimensional BCS-BEC crossover
April 12, 2016 11am Mondi 2 Richard Schmidt (Harvard University) A mesoscopic Rydberg impurity in an atomic quantum gas
April 14, 2016 4pm Big seminar room, BW Pedro Amaro (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) Atomic processes in unusual atomic systems
April 20, 2016 11am Mondi 2 Sotir Chervenkov (Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik) A Versatile Method for Production of Dense Ensembles of Ultracold Polyatomic Polar Molecules
June 2, 2016 10am Big seminar room, BW Gershon Kurizki (Weizmann Institute of Science) What is truly quantum about quantum thermodynamics?