Postdoc, Barton Group

Research Interests

I am a plant evolutionary ecologist. My research is grounded in natural history and combines ecology and evolution to ask how plants interact with and adapt to their environment. I am especially excited about how plant-insect interactions like pollination and herbivory shape plant trait evolution. I use a range of approaches in my research, from field observational studies at the continent scale, to common-garden plant metabolomics and lab experiments with caterpillars.


Google Scholar profile

Baskett, C.A., and D. W. Schemske (2018) Latitudinal patterns of herbivore pressure in a temperate herb support the biotic interactions hypothesis. Ecology Letters. 21(4): 578-587. DOI:

Ansetett, D.N., K.A. Nunes, C.A. Baskett, and P.M. Kotanen (2016) Sources of controversy surrounding latitudinal patterns in herbivory and defense. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 31: 789-802. DOI:

Invited chapter: Baskett, C.A., and D.W. Schemske. (2015) Evolution and Genetics of Mutualism. Mutualism. J. L. Bronstein, Oxford University Press. DOI:

Baskett, C.A., S.M. Emery, and J.A. Rudgers. (2011) Pollinator visits restored to threatened species after removal of invasive plant. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 172: 411-422. DOI:

Carina Baskett doing fieldwork