Research Interests

I use mathematical and computational approaches to study the consequences of polygenic selection (involving multiple loci) in diverse contexts such as: (a) during introgression and hybridisation (b) during the evolution of mate choice in structured populations  (c) in partially selfing populations (d) on the eco-evolutionary dynamics of populations establishing in marginal habitats. An important goal of my research is to  develop simple approximations and heuristics to elucidate how polygenic selection, population structure and evolutionary stochasticity shape evolutionary outcomes and patterns of genomic variation.  

Brief CV

2017-present   postdoctoral fellow, IST Austria. Advisor: Prof. Nick Barton

2015-2017       ISTFELLOW postdoc at IST Austria (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Co-Funding European program).

                      Advisor: Prof. Nick Barton

2007-2014       Integrated Masters and PhD, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Thesis: Aggregation-

                      Fragmentation Models for Transport in a Biological System. Thesis advisor: Prof. Mustansir Barma

2004-2007       BSc (Hons) Physics, University of Delhi



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Together with Barbora Trubenova and Kristina Hudakova, I have developed a correspondence series `Selected Topics in Evolutionary Biology' for high school students in Austria and Slovakia (2017-present), and have co-authored several articles for this series. Our website can be found here: